[SC] Kim hyun joong - Premium Live "Tonight" Part 2

Kim hyun joong - New 4th single "HOT SUN" [all news]

Kim Hyun Joong , the music industry in a year日comeback "album jacket from unconventional"

HJ.June stand comeback as a singer. "domestic activity plan"

Kim Hyun Joong , coming June comeback in Japan as a singer standing


Kim Hyun Joong, June 18 日 stand singer comeback song. 'Hot line' announced

Kim hyun joong - HOT SUN 4th Single


"TONIGHT" Since then, new single for release of long-awaited is about a year! 

For the very popular, only Kim • Hyun Joong that came taking the time to shoot the drama, "The Birth of inspiring Era Toshinden" Korean drama starred as an actor is unbearable for a fan this so-called "comeback" recently here It becomes the release. The "Hot Sun", number lock • pop soaked attracted talent as authentic artist! The "Timing", Stephen Lee • dealing with a number of hit songs including Kim Hyun Joong is produced! The number of fresh perfect for summer has become a dance tune • pop participated (activities as a member of Mitsuhiro Hidaka Red and White Singing Contest participation group AAA) SKY-HI in the lap from Japan! There is B'z ("HEAT") with music provided, but for this time is the first time, this collaboration is sure to take a larger topic participation in the music itself mean that the participation of Japanese artists! I send it in with the privilege of DATVshopping limited to those of all six forms of simultaneous reservation! And, there are two major benefits purchaser applicants this time! Book early! 

■ reservation period: April 28, 2014 (Monday) 10 o'clock am ~ 
6月18日2014年(water): ■ announced sale date 
■ delivery date: June 18, 2014 (Wednesday) around