[Closeup] Kim hyun joong IG Fanmeet In China By LJ_marylee

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KIM HYUN JOONG 김현중 TIMING -'HIS HABIT' 함께 부르기 (노래방 버전)

Kim hyun joong - [Scan] HIGH CUT JAPAN Vol.05 | PHANTASM WORLD TOUR FOLDER - JUL 2014 By MurdererQ

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In the interview for High Cut Japan Vol.05, KHJ said he foresee himself in 10 years ahead, running a sushi restaurant because it's a very warm thing to do (to prepare foods by his own hands). & he will learn to master skills so he can show it off to people he loves cr: @5StarsAs1

[1] 05.072014 KHJ World Tours in Taiwan. Part 2 cr: onlykhjfamily HK

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Kim Hyun Joong - Night Market, Taiwan [14.07.05] By SukiHJ

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