Kim hyun joong - STILL SCAN COVER


Kim hyun joong - STILL Ads. @ Japan 2015

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Kim Hyun joong 2015.02.09 Gemini @ Fukuoka ... I love this hair style :) by @MurdererQ


- KHJGemini@Fukuoka (Highlight1) - at the end of the song (I'm Your Man), HJ gave the rose and his personal bracelet to a lucky lady in front

- KHJGemini@Fukuoka (Highlight2) - HJ sang U but he could not remember all the lyrics

- KHJGemini@Fukuoka (Highlight3) - fans asked HJ to do Giyomi. He finally relented & did all the way to 5! So damn cute!

- KHJGemini@Fukuoka (Highlight4) - HJ said becos of his hairstyle today he didn't have any fringe to touch/ flip (his signature action) lol

- KHJGemini@Fukuoka (Highlight5) - tonite he danced to KissKiss, Please & part of Love Like This! He really enjoyed dancing to all of them

- KHJGemini@Fukuoka (Highlight6) - HJ said that he 'mispronounced' Fukuoka as Hokkaido! LOL! He then hit his own head several times cutely!

- KHJGemini@Fukuoka (Highlight7) - HJ came down fr stage several times. During Lucky Guy, Beauty Beauty, Kiss Kiss. Also during encore again

- KHJGemini@Fukuoka (Highlight8) - while singing lucky guy HJ spotted a male fan & went to him. The guy was so sporting & sang along with HJ

- KHJGemini@Fukuoka - (my most impt highlight) HJ was very very very very very funny handsome charming & dashing! How can one not love him

- KHJGemini@Fukuoka (Highlight10) - HJ collected letters & gifts from fans sitting in front rows before he finally exit from stage. So sweet

kim hyun joong - Gemini 15.02.05 nagoya