Kim Hyun Joong's parents speak out through an interview on Choi's pregnancy, hospital visits, and their son's thoughts

February 27, 2015 @ 12:41 am
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There have been abundant reports lately regarding Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend these days, specifically on the topic of Miss Choi's pregnancy and hospital visits that Kim Hyun Joong's side has been supposedly trying to arrange. The two have been releasing conflicting statements with Kim Hyun Joong's side insisting that Miss Choi is not cooperating nor showing up to promised appointments at the hospital, while Miss Choi's side says they never agreed to a hospital visit.

Following Miss Choi's interview with Dispatch, competing media outlet The Fact has released an interview with Kim Hyun Joong's parents, who expressed their frustration at the situation as all they want is to check on the baby's condition.

His mom began the interview, saying,"Honestly, I'm embarrassed that I am here now. I don't even know if this is something to hold an interview about. This is a matter between my son and Miss Choi, and a matter between two families. But despite this, the reason that we decided to hold this interview is because there is something we want to say. We just want to receive confirmation regarding the baby."

"Of course I believe that Miss Choi is pregnant, I'm also not suspecting the claim that the child is our son's. But it's hard to think to myself 'Ah, this is our grandchild' by just looking at a few ultrasound pictures with no names or anything on them received through a mobile messenger app. What parent out there would be able to easily accept it when someone just says 'This is your baby' with ultrasound pictures with no name or info attached to them. All we've been asking from the beginning is for us to be able to confirm by going to the hospital together."

Kim Hyun Joong's parents also then went onto address these documents that Miss Choi supposedly had to prove that she is pregnant with their son's baby. According to them, they met with Miss Choi's parents on January 14. Miss Choi's parents had an envelope with documents inside, but according to Kim Hyun Joong's parents, they were unable to confirm what was inside the envelope because Miss Choi's parents later left and took the envelope with them. They say they didn't really think to open the envelope right on the spot because they did not suspect Miss Choi to be lying anyway and thought they could open it later.

Kim Hyun Joong's father also said that the text messages Miss Choi had released through Dispatch had been cut and pasted in a way that made it look more favorable to her case. He revealed that he also has all the messages and is willing to reveal them, but that he wanted to receive Choi's consent first.

The father also went on to reveal that he is especially pressing for a hospital visit because he had heard a rumor that Choi drank alcohol after she became pregnant. He said he beat around the bush by telling Choi, "Oh I'm just worried that you might have eaten whatever without knowing you were pregnant". But Choi told him she did not eat without thinking. Kim Hyung Joong's father said, 'I wanted to ask her 'did you drink', but because it wasn't something I had actually witnessed, I had a hard time actually asking her that since if I asked her that then I'd have to tell her the name of the person who told me. That would cause this issue to get bigger and I thought she'd also be hurt by it, and I didn't want to hurt someone who could potentially become a part of my family. But I think when I had mentioned to her 'let's check before it's too late', she misunderstood it as me implying 'let's go abort this baby before it gets bigger'. However, I have no such intentions at all. I actually only want to protect the baby."

Kim Hyun Joong's father also went on to clarify the matter of the scheduled hospital visit. If you remember, Miss Choi had revealed that she was afraid to go receive a checkup with them as they had insisted on a specific hospital with a specific doctor. Choi believed that because of their insistence on the certain hospital and doctor, she was scared something had been arranged and that something might happen to her baby if she attended this hospital visit. However, Kim Hyun Joong's father presented a very different side of the story.

He said, "When I met with Miss Choi and learned about the pregnancy was January 6, Hyun Joong's mom had surgery for neck disc on January 8, so I didn't tell my wife and met with Miss Choi alone. She said she was pregnant so I said since you're going to have to take care of your health as well as the baby's health, let's go get checked out at a big hospital. I also mentioned this to her parents and her parents agreed. Afterwards, I called Miss Choi as I was about to schedule an appointment at a hospital that's well known and has favorable reviews. However, she said she didn't want a male doctor. I told her that there was a doctor here who is well respected so let's just go see him first and then afterwards we can change to a female doctor. Miss Choi then said herself that she knew of a famous female doctor at the same hospital, so to schedule an appointment with that doctor instead. So I agreed and scheduled an appointment with the female doctor."

He revealed that despite all this, Miss Choi never showed up as promised on January 17th. He had told his wife about all this after she finished her surgery and his wife had said she'll attend the check up with Miss Choi. So even though she was not even fully recovered and had to rely on a wheelchair to move about, she and her husband waited for Miss Choi to show up at the hospital, but Miss Choi failed to show up. In an emotional and upset state, Kim Hyun Joong's father revealed that he had texted Choi, "You really can't be doing things like this."

They then rescheduled the appointment for February 2. However, on January 31, Choi texted them saying that she won't attend if Kim Hyun Joong does not come. Although they tried to persuade her to attend, she refused, and they had to once again reschedule the appointment for February 25, since Kim Hyun Joong would have returned from his overseas schedule by then. 

However Miss Choi contacted them again on February 24 saying she didn't want to visit that hospital anymore, so they agreed to go to another hospital that she wanted on the same day. However, she never showed that day, and this day was the day that Miss Choi had her interview with Dispatch.

Kim Hyun Joong's parents then asked her to just meet them at the previously scheduled hospital on the 25th. When they texted her,"We are on our way, so please come", but Miss Choi only responded, "Stop media playing. The truth will always be revealed."Kim Hyun Joong's father commented during the interview, "What media play have we done? Isn't it her who revealed that she was pregnant and mentioned taking responsibility and such to the media in the first place?"

Kim Hyun Joong's mother added, "We're frustrated. I don't know how to express these emotions in words. We haven't even begun the talk about marriage yet, but she's going on saying she's not going to marry our son and that she's going to take responsibility for the baby. I just want to die. Why is she making this issue into something like this when it's a matter that should be solved between the two families. Why does she do all this but not discuss with us the things that should be talked about."

The singer's parents also revealed that they tried calling the hospital that Miss Choi has been visiting, but the hospital told them that they can only release information if Miss Choi comes with them. As if to address Miss Choi, Kim Hyun Joong's mother remarked at this point in the interview, "Please just go with us to the hospital so that we can check on the condition, and let's solve family matters between the families."

As for the topic of marriage, Kim Hyun Joong's father stated, "We want to raise the baby even if the two don't get married. However, since the mother is the one with the custody, we will follow Miss Choi's decision. However, no matter who it is that takes responsibility for the child, we must confirm the condition of the baby and the mother. What becomes of us when she says she'll take responsibility and won't even visit the hospital with us. We want to go to the hospital with her and learn what she plans to do from now on. We want to hear this not through the media, but through discussion among ourselves to resolve the problem. If it all goes well, then I could potentially become her father-in-law. So it's a shame that things keep going this direction. I think marriage is something that the two should work out. If they say they want to live together then I will not oppose it. What else can I do if they were to say they want to keep living on together because they love each other even despite all the pain they've received."

As for what their son is up to these days and how he's doing, his father commented, "He's having a tough time. He can't even step a foot outside of the house." His mom added,"Even today, I came after having cried for an hour. Those with children should be able to understand how pained I am. I don't know how to express it in words. Is it only considered murder if one actually kills a person. I think putting a family through this kind of pain is also murder. Honestly, this the pitiful state of heart I'm in. If I'm feeling like this, how do you think he [Kim Hyun Joong] feels."

When asked what Kim Hyun Joong's thoughts are on the situation, his father revealed, "Our son said that if it's true that she is pregnant, then that the baby is probably his. If he had been unsure about it then we might have suspected Miss Choi, but since he's the one saying that, we of course believe [she's pregnant]. He said he'll take responsibility so we respected his decision. I told him, 'If all this happens and you don't get married then you're going to be a bachelor with a kid.' Hyun Joong told me he is ready to accept that as well. I think that whatever decision is made should be made for the baby, and I told my son the same."

The Fact also organized a timeline of the order of events, which we have translated for you below.



8.20 - Kim Hyun Joong accused of assaulting ex-girlfriend from May to July
8.22 - Kim Hyun Joong's assault case becomes revealed to the world. Key East Entertainment attempts to figure out what's happening
8.23 - Key East releases official statement saying that there was a physical and verbal fight, there was no repeated assault
8.24 - Kim Hyun Joong carries out world tour in Thailand, delays enlistment
9.2 - 1st round of investigation, Kim Hyun Joong denies repeated assault
9.15 - 2nd round of investigation, Kim Hyun Joong meets with Choi and apologizes and reconciles. Reveals they dated for 2 years and apologizes to fans on his homepage
9.17 - Choi's lawyer asks to withdraw lawsuit
November - Kim Hyun Joong and Choi get back together
December - Kim Hyun Joong and Choi break up


1.3 - Choi realizes she's pregnant
1.5 - Choi notified Kim Hyun Joong about pregnancy
1.6 - Kim Hyun Joong's father meets with Choi, receives 3 ultrasound pictures
1.17 - Kim Hyun Joong's parents show up for the hospital appointment, Miss Choi can't be reached
1.19 - Kim Hyun Joong fined 5 million KRW for the one acknowledged case of bodily harm
2.2 - Kim Hyun Joong's parents reschedule hospital appointment with the female doctor Choi requested for to this date. However, this appointment is rescheduled again for the 25th due to Choi's refusal
2.12 - Kim Hyun Joong's parents receive request to meet from Choi's parents
2.14 - Kim Hyun Joong's parents and Choi's parents meet, agree to Choi's hospital visit on the 25th
2.22 - 'Woman Sense' releases report on Kim Hyun Joong and Choi's reconciliation and pregnancy. Kim Hyun Joong's side asks to meet with Choi's side again
2.23 - Kim Hyun Joong denies rumors of getting back together, but says he'll take responsibility if pregnancy is true. Choi's side says they have plenty of documents to prove her pregnancy. Choi and Kim Hyung Joong's parents get in touch, agree to meet at another hospital that Choi wants on 24th
2.24 - Choi doesn't show up while Kim Hyun Joong's parents wait. Choi meets with media
2.25 - Kim Hyun Joong's parents wait at the first hospital for the appointment they scheduled previously with the female doctor of Choi's choosing, Choi doesn't show. Dispatch releases interview with Choi


Kim Hyun Joong releases official statement on his alleged marriage plans with 10-weeks pregnant girlfriend

KEYEAST official  http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/02/kim-hyun-joong-releases-official-statement-on-his-alleged-marriage-plans-with-10-weeks-pregnant-girlfriend

"In regards to the assault case between Kim Hyun Joong and Ms. Choi, the agreement was made back in September. It is true that Kim Hyun Joong and Choi met after the lawsuit, however, they decided to break up towards the end of the year. A few days after, (Early January of this year) Choi told Kim Hyun Joong that she was pregnant.
Kim Hyun Joong and his parents have attempted to contact Choi and Choi's parents and requested that both families meet and discuss the current situation of the expectant mother and make a visit to the agreed hospital and doctor for examination. However, Choi denied these requests and currently cannot be contacted.
Yesterday (February 22) after the reports, Kim Hyun Joong attempted to contact Choi again to confirm the pregnancy, but was not able receive a response. Rumors of both families meeting and discussing marriage are groundless. Kim Hyun Joong stated that if Choi's pregnancy is true, then he will be taking on the necessary responsibilities.
We ask to refrain from releasing news reports that stretch the meanings of one sided opinions when the truth has not yet been confirmed."
Trans by @Henecia Thailand 

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คฮจและพ่อแม่ของเขาได้พยายามติดต่อนส.ชเวและพ่อแม่ของเธอเพื่อขอให้ครอบครัวทั้งสองมาพบและปรึกษากัน - 3
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