Kim Hyun Joong again after nearly two years, five sets July 5 concert [News]

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Figure / Xi You provide entertainment
Fans waiting! After nearly two years, Kim Hyun Joong has finally returned to Taiwan, this is the last time before he enlisted world tour, and the field is the tour's first stop in Taipei, Taiwan fans will be the first to witness the elegance of the universe God! 2014 Kim Hyun Joong "dream" world tour in New Taipei Trade and Industry Exhibition will be held in July 5, tickets ranging from 3000 to 5800 yuan, June 21 at noon 12 points in CETV ticketing system and convenience stores in Taiwan officially on sale. 
Kim Hyun Joong SS501 popular combination is a former captain, is the fans nickname is God's universe, He is all-round entertainer, can be soulful Yin Chi thick, Bai Shengzu boy genius, a perfect off-line small groom, singer and actor who is also high-quality images.Coming in next year enlisted Kim Hyun Joong, plans this year will be issued in the Japanese single "Hot Sun" and a world tour, the former soldier and take the opportunity to fans around the world to get along. Kim Hyun Joong, and more particularly to the production team together to create a concert, hoping to bring the audience the most unforgettable memories.
Select the first stop in Taipei concert, show organizer Kim Hyun Joong Taiwan and South Korea the attention of fans in the site selection and fare structure after careful discussion, due consideration should be the venue schedule, the final choice had experienced several large-scale music events New Trade and Industry Exhibition held in Taipei, Korea concert artists inject new ideas, to create the most unique Hyun Joong World Tour.Before it begins after the concert and the organizers will arrange the former head of the village MRT station shuttle, be sure to let the fans and the God of the universe through the most perfect night! Tickets will be officially on sale in at 12:00 on June 21 in CETV ticketing system and convenience stores in Taiwan, for more information please 西佑 entertainment events official fan page.
2014 Kim Hyun Joong "dream" world tour
Time: at 19:30 on July 5 
Location: New Taipei Trade and Industry Exhibition 
Organizer: Star Le globe Entertainment Group, Ltd. Xi You 
ticketing unit: CETV ticket 
fare: 5800/4000/3800/3000 
June 21 at noon 12:00 CETV ticketing system in Taiwan and convenience stores officially started selling!

Kim hyun joong - 2014.06.17 「 HOT SUN 」Handshake Event @ Odaiba, Japan

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Kim Hyun Joong (Lida) Haneda arrived! "HOT SUN" launch! 2014.06.17


Kim Hyun Joong 4th single "HOT SUN" launch event at Odaiba Palette Town Gallery 2 By Mpost

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Kim Hyun Joong 4th single "HOT SUN" launch event at Odaiba Palette Town Gallery 1 By Mpost

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