[SC] Kim hyun joong - Premium Live "Tonight" Part 1

Kim hyun joong - Inspiring Age Japan Fanmeet @ Seoul 2014.04.12 [Fanpic]

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cr. @chocolatdaleKHJ: When MC said " Though I did not ask you whe you would get enlisted, you mentioned to it by yourself in interviews ", HJ answered " I am going to see you during the World Tour, please do not come to see me on the enrolement day (laugh), because I may feel as if it will be a long farewell. I just eat kimchi stew with my friends and make it comfortable for myself.(He prefers to take it easy to get enlisted) 
Asked by MC " Then you go to the army ? " , HJ said " Sit (in Japanese) " " please edit it by a nice music " (laugh)

HJ said will meet fans during his world tour so dun send him off when he go army cos he will feel its a long farewell. He will eat kimchi jjigae with friends and like to go army comfortably RT Hjlove09: 군대에 대해서. 테이 씨가 언제 가는지 못 들었지만 직접 인터뷰에서 언급 해 주더군요?라고.월드 투어로 여러분을 만나서 입대 날은 오지 마세요(웃음)왜냐하면 긴 이별 같은 기분이 드니까. 친구와 김치 찌개라도 먹으면서 편하게 가고 싶다.

RT @501wangja: Did recording for Jap album yesterday RT @hj6_6: 昨日、日本音源録音。日本アルバム、韓国アルバム、アジアツアー、ドラマ、日本ツアー、無料コンサートの予定が一杯(^ ^)

Cr. @chocolatdaleKHJ: About the future plan, 1/ Release an album in Japan (He already finished recording) 2/ Release another album in Korea 3/ World Tour 4/ Act in another drama (he would like to show his acting again ) 5/ If there is an occasion, Japan tour the next year 6/ Charity concert (no fee) for which I will raise the fund (laugh)